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Excellent modern educational theme packed with mostly all the required features and elements. After purchase, I needed some help with the team. And I have been really impressed with their prompt response and top-quality support.

IT Company
I have been using Edumodo for past couple of months, developed my institution website. I liked your theme from every aspect, specially the integration of Learnpress LMS that helps me to manage better. You guys have an awesome support team, I really appreciate your support. Thank you very much for creating this theme.

Douna Mikail
Thank you very much for your support. Gotta say, you guys provided the best support I have ever dealt with. Have a great day.

Steve Nash
Hats off developers for creating such a fine product and precious support. I really appreciate your kindness.

Nick Jones

Edumodo is just awesome, it’s fully packed with so much features and demos. I used it on my clients site, and they loved it very much. It took the headache out of my mind and completed the project very fast. I will always look forward for new versions. Keep up the good work guys.

Robert Williams

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What kind of sites can I create with Edumodo?

You can build any school, college, university, learning and book store site with it. The advanced LMS makes it easier to organize and handle everything for you.

What kind of support do you offer?

We will support you with theme related every issues and we will try to troubleshoot your problem in fastest time.


Is pricing monthly, annually or one time?

Once you buy Edumodo, you do not have to pay money ever after though you will be getting updates as long as you use Edumodo.

What is the Support duration?

We offer you support for 6 months, and you can extend it to 12 months by adding $16.13. If your support period is over, you can purchase support again.

Why you call it an ultimate education wordpress theme?

Edumodo comes with 3 popular lms support (Learnpress, sensei and learndash) and allows you to build almost any type of educational websites.

Do you offer custom development services?

Yes, we offer such services. Check our custom work page to know more details.

Does the Edumodo comply with GDPR?

Yes. Edumodo is fully complied with GDPR.

Do I need to buy LearnPress, LearnDash, Sensei separately?

Yes. If you want to use any premium lms plugin, you must buy it separately. We have given support of these lms’s, not premium license.

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